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ENROLL HERE The Kaiser Restaurant Group invites you to join our VIP Guest Rewards Program. The program was created to thank and reward you, our loyal customers. VIP  GUEST PROGRAM CHANGE! Effective November 1, 2014 (11-1-2014) Kaiser Restaurant Group has a new rewards program The new program is as follows: SUMMARY OF CHANGES: WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM: Registration is now FREE. BIRTHDAY REWARDS: Watch your email inbox for a special gift! WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Watch your email inbox for a special gift! Birthday and anniversary gifts are not valid with any other coupons, gift certificates, discounts, promotions or special offers, including Costco, happy hour, sunset / early bird dinners. Our system will not allow more than one discount redemption at any time. POINTS: Accrued points will be honored. Guests will receive a gift card in the mail for point balance, converted to dollars. Guests should have received this card in November, 2014 WINE CORKAGE is now $10 for guests that joined the progam prior to September 2014. We welcome wines from your personal cellar with the corkage reduced. We are committed to outstanding wine service and have invested heavily into our wine program and service for the wines our guest bring from their private collections. As such, with service, stemware, decanters when appropriate, we normally charge a corkage fee of up to $20 per 750ml bottle or equivalent.  OUR NEW PROGRAM rewards you with dining incentives every few weeks. Please check your email inbox. You do not have to be concerned with point redemption, expiration or keeping payment cards registered and up to date. Guests will benefit from exclusive offers and special invitations sent directly via e-mail. No membership card to carry. KAISER RESTAURANT GROUP VIP GUEST REWARDS Customer Q&As Q. What is the VIP Guest Rewards Program? A. It is a guest loyalty program to reward you when you dine in any of our award winning restaurants. No membership cards are required. Occasionally, you will receive e-mails from us containing exclusive savings opportunities, invitations to special restaurant events, or other important updates we would like our VIP guests to know about. You will receive a special gift in your email to help you celebrate your birthday, and another exclusive gift will be e-mailed to commemorate your wedding anniversary as well. Q. How do I enroll? A. It is easy! Just complete the enrollment form and give to your server. Additionally, you may enroll online at any of our restaurants websites or facebook pages. Q. After I join the program, what happens? A. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will receive an occasional e-mail with exclusive savings, and invitations to special events we host. Q. Is there a membership fee? No! We believe membership should be free. A. Do I have to give a credit or debit card number when I enroll? No. Q. Why do you need my birthday? A. We will send you a special gift to your email inbox to celebrate your special occasion. Q. Why do you need my e-mail address? A. Exclusive offers, additional savings, special membership anniversary gifts, and opportunities are communicated through e-mail. This information will not be shared with anyone outside our program. Q. May my husband and I sign up using the same e-mail address? A. No. Each member must have a unique e-mail address. Q. What happened to my points from the old program? A. You should have received a gift card in the mail. Expect it in  approximately 4-6 weeks. If you did not, please call 760-568-0858. Q. Do I receive points for dining? A. No, you will receive dining incentives before you dine. Print out email or show on cell phone to receive benefits. We cannot process the incentives without the printed or  email code. Q. What if I do not have an email address? A. We apologize, but the efficiency and cost of our program is based upon electronic data such as email offers and communication. Q. What if I have questions? A. Please ask manager on duty or call 760-568-0858.